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Hula hoop Model Magic Double

This hula hoop with 48 PVC bumps in two lines is heavier than the previous model and has a huge impact on removing fat from the abdomen.

Hula hoopModel Torsional magic

A heavy and magical hula hoop for burning your abdomen’s fat with 36 PVC bumps. It has torsional joints between the parts for more strength and less noise during training.

Hula hoop Model Crystal

A relatively heavy hoop with 40 rigid bumps. This hoop is ideal for you if you need something more professional than the simple hula hoop.

Hula hoop Model Massage ball

A useful and simple hula hoop with EVR foamy balls. It is comfortable and ideal for shaping abdomen

Hula hoop Model Fitness

A useful and simple hula hoop with 48 bumps. It is ideal for shaping your abdomen
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Resistance bands
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SuperStrong Cx resistance Band

Resistance bands are a suitable tool for strength and aerobic exercises. This fitness equipment allows for training in all environments,

Yellow Double Resistance Band

Sports band is a suitable tool for performing strength and aerobic exercises. This sports equipment allows for exercise in all

Pedal Resistance Band

The Tanzib Abdominal Exercise Machine is a simple and practical fitness device for various sports exercises. This device consists of

multi-fanctional expander Double

Many of you are familiar with a resistance band or bodybuilding. It is a tool that is usually made up

Pilates Yellow Resistance Band

One of the most intelligent and economical sports equipment for use in a gym, home or any other chosen environment

Blue CoreX Resistance Band

Exercising in various spaces and different locations requires simple, portable, and practical equipment. Resistance bands are one of the best
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foot roller massager

A foot roller massager is a device used to massage the feet by rolling them over a cylindrical or textured

Massage Box

If you intend to purchase massage devices for your Head, hands, feet, Face, body roller, octopus, and foot roller, you

Body Roller Massager

Body massage is one of the oldest healing and therapeutic techniques that dates back to China and 3000 years ago.

hand massager

Depending on the type and method of massage, various tools and equipment are needed. However, the urgent need to perform

Face massager

Most of us are unaware of the countless benefits of facial massage. Facial massage helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines

massage slippers

Massage slippers are footwear designed to provide massage therapy to the feet. They usually feature small knobs or bumps on

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